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Five Pillars of Health

Dr. Benton has  a deep passion for helping patients heal their bodies naturally and effectively for maximum longevity and optimal health. There are 5 basic foundations of health which enable one to live a balanced healthy life:

1. Structural – which includes the physical body such as bones, muscles and ligaments

2. Emotional - how our thoughts           and belief programs and how others’ thoughts impact our bodies’ health

3. Nutritional - how to get the most nutrients, vitamins and minerals from our food and proper supplementation there

4. Hydration - proper hydration with healthy, clean water (free of toxins, additives, and harmful chemicals) is essential to the proper functioning of the body and how the cells communicate to one another

5. Energy/Spirit -                        this encompasses acupuncture healing the meridians in our bodies, homeopathy, spiritual connection, prayer, and mediation amongst others 

Are you Drinking Enough Water?

You might think that by adding up the cup of coffee you drink in the morning, the big gulp of coke at lunch, and iced tea at dinner, you could claim to drink enough. But since most of us do not drink 8 glasses or more of water per day we are clogging up our bodies with toxins!

Did you know that we need 2 cups of water to help the liver flush out the caffeine from our morning coffee?Most people do not understand the importance of water for general health and vitality. In fact, Dr. Ross Anderson, world renown authority on auto-intoxication and parasitic infection, lists auto-intoxication at the top of the list of reasons why we are diseased and stay diseased. Auto-intoxication is the body re-poisoning itself with its own toxic waste. "Inadequate intake of water and prolonged transit time of fecal material add to the toxic burden." 

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