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 I was involved in a nasty car accident November 2017. I was immediately recommended to Dr. Benton. I'm so grateful to have found him. Benton managed to fix pain I didn't even know was there till it was gone. Miracles really do happen here. I have been pain free and feeling better then ever. If you ever need a miracle Dr. Benton is the way to go. His staff is fantastic and oh so friendly. I am so appreciative for all the things his office has done for me. Al is fantastic and always a pleasure to speak with when I first walk in. He pays close attention to all my needs and helps relay them to Dr. Benton. Come enjoy a miracle of your own and talk with Dr. Benton. Let him go work some serious magic! 


 For anyone needing healing in most aspects of life this is the place to go. I've been lucky to have stumbled upon Light touch healing center while google searching and to now be working with Dr. Benton on treatment for body pain and emotional trauma release. I have been here twice now and will continue to be a client here and refer my own clients to this place! 

- Sasbrina S


Dr Benton goes the extra miles to help you get to your healing. He offers many modalities for inner and outer work. Goes to your home when necessary.  He was there when I needed him after a serious car accident.  He always learn new things.  I am honored to know him for years and know that he is constantly taking the newest classes to give the best to his patients.

- Joyce Alexander Black, M.A.

Video Testimonial By Keith Wassung

 Keith won the Armed Forces Weight Lifting championship in 1986 and held the drug free weight lifting records.  Listen to his story from this point in his life down to the brink of death. 

Live Demonstration:Muscle Testing

Dr Jeffrey Benton does a live demonstration on muscle testing